Budgeting and Business Services
To get independent financing, you need a business plan that spells out all the details of your

This plan must not only look impressive, it has to be accurate and finely detailed.
A key element of the plan is a detailed budget. If you just want a bottom line figure on a
generalized budget, there are websites that will sell you one for a few hundred dollars. But
those "quick" budgets are not specific enough. A twenty-page budget may look good in the
business plan, but it is not production ready. Knowledgeable financiers can see right through it
and it could hurt you when you get into pre-production.

Picking a random number of days just for budgetary purposes has no relevance to your project
and is just a placeholder.

You need an itemized budget created specifically for your project. To get that detailed budget,
you need a breakdown and shooting schedule.

We give you a 60-120 page itemized budget (depending on the script) along with a breakdown,
a day out of days and a strip board.

We are expert in advising you which location would be best suited for your project, and which
cities will offer you the best tax incentives or rebates.

We do budgets for Feature Films, Movies of the Week, 1 Hour Pilots, 1/2 Hour Pilots, and
Amortized Series Budgets.

Budgets and schedules generally take 2-3 weeks.  (Scripts must be supplied as a Final Draft
Tips for
low budget filmmakers:
Other Financial Services
Business Plans

The most important element of the package you present to financiers is your Business Plan. Once you have all the necessary items, the plan will put it forth as a complete package.

Sample Business Plan (PDF)

Packaging Consultation (Telephone - per Hour)

We will work with you to put together a talent package. We will guide you through the steps of selecting and acquiring the talent you want to attach to your project. This can usually be accomplished in two 1 hour sessions - unless you talk a lot or have no knowledge of the business.
What investors
look for:
(Payable in 2 installment)  (Requires Final Draft Document)
Feature Film or M.O.W   (1 or 2 Shooting Cities)
1 Hour Television Pilot   (1 or 2 Shooting Cities)
½ Hour Television Pilot   (1 or 2 Shooting Cities) 1,200
Amortized Series Budget  1,800
Webisodes Coming Soon
Additional Shooting Cities  (per city) 400
Add’l Fee for scripts supplied as formatted PDF or WORD Doc (per page) 1.75
Add’l Fee for scripts supplied as unformatted PDF or WORD Doc Scripts (per page) 5
Add’l Fee for Script supplied as Hard Copy (per page) 6
Sample Budget
Sample Business Plan