Frequently Asked Questions
What are your prices?  Prices can be found on the trim bin page.

Why does it cost so much for a budget?  To do a budget properly, you must first do a shooting schedule.  Both processes are time consuming and take some expertise in both making the most efficient schedule and a budget that includes all costs.

Can't the budget just come from a template?  Yes it can.  There is a website that will customize their template for your project.  It just costs a few hundred dollars.  But the number of days in the budget is passed on what you want to spend, not on what the movie requires. The only way to get an accurate budget it to know exactly how long it will take to shoot.  If you get a budget based on thirty days of shooting but it willactually take forty five days, you budget is pointless.

Why the limit on the number of pages in a script?  The average script runs from 96  115 pages.  Anything longer than that is usually... well long.  By limiting the number of pages and charging for excessive pages is an incentive to the writer to cut the script before submitting it.  Cut it now or cut it later.  Cut it now and it's cheaper.
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