Order Services
Script Development
Script Collaboration - Telephone (per hour) 100
Script Collaboration - In Person (per hour)  (Additional travel charges apply for collaboration outside of the Los Angeles Area) 150
Ghost Writing & Script Polishing Varies
Synopsis Creation (Based on previously reviewed script) 150
Other Script Script
Convert and Format Script from Hard Copy (per Page) 6
Convert & Format Script from Unformatted Document (per Page) 5
Convert a Script from Formatted Document to Final Draft (per Page) 1.75
Proof Reading (per page) 1.50
Proofing and Editing (requires Final Draft Doc) (per page) 1.75
Retakes - Get a 40% discount on services on resubmitted scripts 40%
Table Reading from 500
(Payable in 2 installment)  (Requires Final Draft Document)
Feature Film or M.O.W   (1 or 2 Shooting Cities) 2,500
1 Hour Television Pilot   (1 or 2 Shooting Cities) 1,800
½ Hour Television Pilot   (1 or 2 Shooting Cities) 1,200
Amortized Series Budget  1,800
Webisodes Coming Soon
Additional Shooting Cities  (per city) 400
Add’l Fee for scripts supplied as formatted PDF or WORD Doc (per page) 1.75
Add’l Fee for scripts supplied as unformatted PDF or WORD Doc Scripts (per page)  5
Add’l Fee for Script supplied as Hard Copy (per page)  6
Other Financial Services
Business Plans 2,000
Packaging Consultation (Telephone - per Hour) 150
Post Production Services
Post Production Budget Creation 200
Post Production Budget Analysis 125
Post Production Phone Consultation (per hour) 60
Screening Evaluation 250
Film Doctoring (per hour) (Add’l Travel fees for outside LA Area)  150
Post Production Supervision Varies
Script Consulting
First Ten 85
Basic Feature Film Script Evaluation (up to 115 pages) 185
In Depth Feature Film Script Analysis and Phone Consultation 325
Television Script Analysis - 1 Hour TV (up to 70 pages) 125
Television Script Analysis- ½ Hour TV (up to 40 pages) 85
Series Bible Analysis (13 - 1/2 Hour or 1 hour Episodes)       125
Synopsis Review 50
Treatment Analysis 125
Additional per page charge 3
Phone Consultation (per Hour - U.S. only) 150
In Person Consultation (Per Hour plus travel time)    150
(818) 835-1840
(818) 835-1840