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Script Consultation
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Script Development
Script Development
Script Collaboration - Telephone (per hour)

Got writer's block? Need to know what works and what doesn't? Have an idea but need someone to help you flesh it out? Let one of our Independent Film Consultants be your invisible partner.
Script Collaboration - In Person (per hour)  (Additional travel charges apply for collaboration outside of the Los Angeles Area) 250
Ghost Writing

Have an idea but don't know how to put it into a script? One of our professional writers will bring your dream to reality. review, or after you make your changes.

We will edit and rewrite you screenplay or teleplay.  Changes to story arc, characters and plot lines may change.  All changes are discussed prior to the changes being made.  Tiered pricing.   Email for detailed pricing policies and practices.
up to  10,000
Synopsis Creation (Based on previously reviewed script)

Want to have a synopsis written on your script we review? We can do it at time oF review, or after you make your changes. 

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Script Consulting
First Ten

Many scripts are judged from the first ten pages. If the readers aren't hooked by then, they probably won't read any further and pass on it with the excuse "it's just not right for us." We'll evaluate the first ten pages of your script with a 1-2 page analysis. If you're a first time writer who wants to test your abilities, this plan is for you.
Basic Feature Film Script Evaluation (up to 115 pages)

No fancy charts. No recap of your story (you already know what it's about). But we will give you:
• A 2-3 page unbiased review of your script, both good and bad.
• First Impression - What works, and what doesn't and why
• Story Evaluation - Structure, Plot, Pacing
• Character development
• Dialogue
• Style   
In Depth Feature Film Script Analysis and Phone Consultation

5-10 page in depth, scene by scene, analysis of your script that covers all the elements of the basic coverage, plus a forty five minute phone consultation.    (up to 115 pages)
Television Script Analysis - 1 Hour TV (up to 70 pages)

Teleplays are evaluated for the strengths and weaknesses of:

1 Hour
$ 200

1/2 Hour
$ 125
Series Bible Analysis (13 - 1/2 Hour or 1 hour Episodes)      

Complete analysis and evaluation of your bible for thirteen episodes
Synopsis Creation 150
Synopsis Review

Need a review of your synopsis.? We'll give you constructive feedback to make it the best it can be.
Treatment Analysis

Want to be sure your story is headed in the right direction before embarking on the script. Get feedback now to save yourself time later.
Additional per page charge 3
One on One  Consultation (per Hour - U.S. only)

Get one on one consultation on your submission.   (Free with In Depth Analysis) 
$ 150

In Person
$ 20
•   Show Concept
•   Characters
•   Theme
•   Style
•   Genre
• Tone
• Pacing
• Dialogue
• Longevity
Other Script Services
Convert and Format Script (per Page)

We will convert your script into a FINAL DRAFT document.

from Hard Copy or PDF

From Unformatted File
(Microsoft Word or comparable)

From Formatted File (Microsoft Word or comparable)

$ 5

$ 1.75
Proof Reading  (per page)

Complete proofing of format, grammatical and spelling errors. Hard copy proofed and marked only. You do fixes.
Proofing and Editing (requires Final Draft Doc)

Have your script proofed and edited line by line.  Besides formatting, spelling and grammatical correction, have your script descriptions and dialogue tightened to strengthen it.

We don't change characters, story arc or plot lines.  You retain all copyrights to your work. 

1/2 Hr. Sitcom

1 Hour
Retakes - Get a 40% discount on services on resubmitted scripts 40%
Table Reading

Want to hear your script read by professional actors? We will coordinate it for you from Casting and Direction to presentation.
from 500
Writers' Wing